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Version: v1.0.0


📄️ MarkdownComponent

The MarkdownComponent interface is used to define the properties of a markdown component. The components can be used to render many different things, such as consent forms, instructions, and debriefs. Additionally, you can use the markdown component to render images, videos, and other media, with supporting text. Markdown components can have responses (e.g. in a consent form), or no responses (e.g. in a help text file). Here's an example with no responses for a simple help text file:

📄️ ParticipantData

The ParticipantData is a JSON object that contains all of the data for all of the participants in your study. It is structured as a list. Each element refers to a participants data or a configuration. While in many cases there is only one configuration per study, the study creator is allowed to change the configuration file after the study has already been completed by other participants. The data for each participant will have a "participantConfigHash" which refers to a particular configuration which is also in this list.