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Version: v1.0.0


The StudyMetadata is used to describe certain properties of a study. Some of this data is displayed on the landing page when running the app, such as the title and description. Below is an example of a StudyMetadata entry in your study configuration file:

"studyMetadata" : {
"title": "My New Study",
"version": "pilot",
"authors": [
"Jane Doe",
"John Doe"
"date": "2024-04-01",
"description": "This study is meant to test your ability.",
"organizations": [
"The reVISit Team",
"The Other Team"


authorsstring[]The authors of your study.
datestringThe date of your study, may be useful for the researcher.
descriptionstringThe description of your study, shown on the landing page.
organizationsstring[]The organizations that are associated with your study.
titlestringThe title of your study, shown on the landing page.
versionstringThe version of your study. When you change a configuration file after a study has already been distributed to participants, you can change the version number so that the participants who see this new configuration file can be identified.