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Version: v1.0.0


The BaseResponse interface is used to define the required fields for all responses. Other Response interfaces inherit properties from the BaseResponse interface. Therefore, all responses must include these properties.

Extended by


hidden?booleanControls whether the response is hidden.
idstringThe id of the response. This is used to identify the response in the data file.
location?"sidebar" | "aboveStimulus" | "belowStimulus"Controls the response location. These might be the same for all responses, or differ across responses. Defaults to belowStimulus
paramCapture?stringUse to capture querystring parameters in answers such as participant_name. See the examples for how this is used, but prefer uiConfig.urlParticipantIdParam if you are capturing a participant ID.
promptstringThe prompt that is displayed to the participant. You can use markdown here to render images, links, etc.
requiredbooleanControls whether the response is required to be answered.
requiredLabel?stringYou can provide a required label, which makes it so a participant has to answer with a response that matches label.
requiredValue?unknownYou can provide a required value, which makes it so a participant has to answer with that value.
secondaryText?stringThe secondary text that is displayed to the participant under the prompt. This does not accept markdown.